oktober 27th, 2015

5/6-2010 SKP
At 3:30 PM crashed, E-070, one of Fighter Wing Skrydstrups F-16 aircraft in the northsea. The Pilot ejected safe, and was rescued by the SAR Helicopter from Skrydstrup.

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oktober 25th, 2015

N-971 (Photo: Lockheed Martin)
The first of nine Seahawk helicopters was handed over to the Danish Airforce oktober 22 by Lockheed Martins, Owego facility, New York. The helicopters will be tested by US Navy before delivery to Denmark in spring 2016.
(Forsvaret.dk & Lockheed Martin)

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maj 9th, 2015

G-748 - 01
The F-100 gateguard at Konya AFB is not ex RDAF F-100D, G-748 as the number 55-2748 on the tail says. It is a F-100C – maybe the one that also was on the gate in 2011 (42013/3-132). Photo: Ulrich Krog / Stall.dk

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februar 7th, 2015

Just got the info that Sikorsky S-55C, S-882 still, is in continued existence at Skirmish Paintball near Portishead. It was noted there February 5th 2015.


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januar 31st, 2015

EH101, M-518 crashed 11/10-2014 in an area southeast of Masar-e-Sharif in Afghanistan. In a landing outside the base the helicopter turned over on the side. The crew survived with only minor injuries, but the helicopter was heavily damaged. The crew was on a training mission, when the helicopter during landing turned over and lost the tail section and rotorblades. M-518 is one of three helicopters stationed in Afghanistan.

Photo: Danish Defence

Here M-518 in better condition at Sindal airport on an exercise 16/4-2012.


juli 8th, 2014

The first Seahawk for the Danish Airforce will be number 200 on the productionline and the last one number 299. They will get the individual numbers N-971 to -979. Sikorsky started building the first helicopter march 20. this yeart and in april 2016 the first three is scheduled for delivery in Palm Beach, Florida. The helicopters will be built as standard US Navy Seahawk, so an extensive motification programme is run to get it up to Danish requirements. The last of the nine helicopteers will be delivered medio 2018.
(From: nytkampfly.dk.)

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juli 3rd, 2014

On friday, june 6 was the fourth Challenger officially handed over to the Danish Airforce 721 Squadron at Aalborg Airbase. It is registred C-215 and will be flying in the nice white colourscheme in the future as a trainer and VIP.

IMG_1752 IMG_1754
IMG_1759 IMG_1762
Photo: Niels Jørgen Lassen

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juni 29th, 2014

Some of the old and historic aircraft was on display at ‘Airshow 2014’, June 21/22 @ Karup Airbase.

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juni 14th, 2014

Was in Roskilde on june 12 and here was AR-105 still mounted on the roof of the daycare center ‘Viadukten’. There was no sign of the cockpitsection from A-007, which also was supposed to be here.

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maj 27th, 2014

DT-905 is now to be found at The Airforce Historic Collection at Karup AB without wings, side by side the fuselage of GT-870. I wonder if they are under way to the scrapman ? DT-905 is being replaced at the Karup airbasemuseum with Staunings DT-884.


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